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Electrofusion Machine

  • Inverter electrofusion machine

    Inverter electrofusion machine

    Application and Feature 1.Welding Type: horizontal weld and rolling pipe. PLC touch-panel control system, capable of automatically adjusting the heating temperature, time and pressure according to the parameters of material under processing., suitable for weld and rolling thermoplastic plates made of HDPE,PP,PVC,PVDF,PPN,PPH…… 2.Control system Siemens PLC, 7-inch color touch screen-Siemens. 3.Brand-new integrated frame, highly reliable transmission mechanism, stable in work and superior in pe...
  • Transformer electrofusion machine

    Transformer electrofusion machine

     Application and Feature Electrofusion welding machine is suitable for connecting PE pipes and fittings with coupling which are used for gas and water supply. 1.Design and according to ISO12176 electro-fusion welder international standard. 2.High level MCU is used as control core, equipped with LCD display, all welding parameters could be displayed. 3.Light weight, easy operation. 4.By real-time monitoring weld status, abnormal welding process could be terminated in short time. 5.Built in...