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Facing the intricate butt welding machine market, how to choose?

Facing the intricate butt welding machine market, how to choose?

    There are many butt welding machine’s manufacturers in China, and their outlook are very similar. How to choose high-quality products to meet your requirements?

    First of all, let's consider such a question, what kind of machine can achieve firm welding effect and long service life? Whether the tube cut after using the planning tool is flat, whether the heating plate is fully heated, whether the pipes are firmly after welding, and how to accurately grasp the heating time and cooling time. If you use a SUDA machines, don't worry about all of these questions. Our engineers took all these factors into consideration. There is a digital timer on our hydraulic unit, you will know clearly the accurate recommended operating time at any time. Don't worry about the construction outside and the problem of not being able to accurately grasp the time.

    Most of our construction sites are in humid environments. Facing this problem, what improvements have been made to the machine? The inner clamps of the basic frame and the oil circuit module of the hydraulic unit are made of aluminum. Advantages: no rusty, light weight, easy to carry.

    Some customers give feedback because the power supply voltage of the generator not stable, so machines sometime will burned down, but for our machine,  don't worry, we have a voltage protector, even at the highest voltage, there will be no burn down.

Post time: Jun-06-2022