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Professional pipe cutting machine, more accurate cutting and more efficient work. easy to carry. The weight of the whole machine is 7.5 kg.

The 220 model can cut pipes in the range of 15mm ~ 220mm in diameter. The wall thickness of steel pipes is 8mm, the thickness of plastic pipes is 12mm, and the thickness of stainless steel is 6mm. No noise and no spark during cutting. The cutting surface is smooth without burrs, the workpiece is not deformed, and the cutting speed is fast.

The 400 model has a cutting range of 75 mm to 400 mm, a steel pipe cutting wall thickness of 10 mm, and a plastic pipe cutting wall thickness of 35 mm. You can design your own cutting plan.


Model SDC220 SDC400
Cutting Range 15mm~220mm 75mm~400mm
Cutting Thickness Steel Pipe 8mm 10mm
  Plastic Pipe 12mm SDR11,SDR13.5,SDR17
  Stainless Steel Pipe 6mm 8mm
Power 1000w 1750w
Rotate speed 3200r/min 2900r/min
Voltage 220V,50Hz 220V,50Hz
Standard Configuration: pipe cutter 1set, saw blade 1pc,holder with wheels 4pcs,tools 1set,canvas bag 1pc.

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