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SDJ3400 Plastic Hand Extruder

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Model: SDJ3400
Voltage: 220V
Extruding Motor Power: 1300W Metabo
Hot Air Power: 3400W Lesiter
Welding Rod Heating Power: 800W
Extruding Volume: 2.5kg/h
Welding Rod Diameter:  ф3.0mm-4.0mm, 5.0mm can be customized
Hand extruder gun is usually used for welding HDPE, PP, PVDF and other hot melt materials in projects like plastic water tanks, plastic pipes, plastic containers and plastic sheets. 

Model SDJ3400
Voltage 220V±5%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Hot Air Blower Power 3400W
Welding Rod Heating Power 800W
Motor Power 1300W
Air Temperature 20~600Adjustable
Extruding Temperature 200~300Adjustable
Extruding Volume 2.5kg/h
Welding Rod Round 3/4mm
Weight 7kg



Sheets Welding PP/PE hot melt sheets like water tanks,plating tanks,water tower and plastic containers.
Pipe Welding PP/PE hot melt pipes like pipes flange welding,pipe welding and repairing.
Membrane Welding PP/PE hot melt membrane welding like geomembrane and waterproofing membrane.

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